The Story

How Late Night Dances actually happened:

A while ago- and I mean a really long time- MT hosted a contest on Party with Hobos that was dubbed the “PWH Forever” contest. Steele, at the time iPrepKid, entered the contest with his episode Darkiness. He came in second place, first place being the one to collaborate with MT on the new PWH Forever website (based off of Hannah Montana Forever). However, Steele got the opportunity to collaborate since first place didn’t feel like doing it.

Steele and MT collaborated on the series premiere Computer Start Up, but Steele and MT were unable to keep up with PWH Forever, and the site subsequently went down (Computer Start Up is still missing). Steele thought he could take over but by himself he couldn’t. The Late Night Dances site was created in the hopes of reviving Forever, but it quickly became more of a sister site and was forgotten. For a couple of years or so, the LND site stood untouched, forgotten by Steele.

However, just recently (9/27/13), Steele checked the site to see how overwhelming the task of beating most of the Poptropica Islands was. He found the PWH main site, still intact but long outdated. MT had, sadly, finished PWH for good, and moved on to more adventures in life.

Then Steele found this site, old and abandoned. He decided that he could return, just possibly, and he released a filler that would spark an imagination once more.

Though not as famous as the original PWH, latenightdances could blossom into something huge or wither quite quickly. Let’s make it blossom, shall we?


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